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Willow Stilè Co offers a limited warranty on any product purchased from our Company.

We warrant to you that the Product meets all standards of usability, reliability and durability and shall be free from any material defects arising from manufacture and/or correct usage for a period of twelve months from the date of your purchase.

What we cover:

The sole obligation and liability of Willow Stilè Co. under this warranty shall be to conduct a free repair or provide a replacement product during the warranty period where a Willow Stilè Co. service agent determines that the product contains material defects arising from normal use of the Product. It may be determined, solely at the discretion of Willow Stilè Co. or its service agent, that a repair will be performed instead of a replacement product. It is understood that Willow Stilè Co. has no obligation whatsoever to do perform such a repair, but may, at its option, elect to do so. In such event, Willow Stilè Co. or its service agent will perform the necessary repair, including cost of labor in the actual performance of the repair product. Any other costs associated with or arising out of the repair will be the responsibility of the Customer

Except for the foregoing replacement or repair obligations, Willow Stilè Co. shall have no liability for any other loss, damage or expense, arising out of or in connection with the Product or its use. 

What we do not cover:

This warranty does not cover Product damage caused by mishandling, misuse, damage from excessive heat or exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse, acts of nature, or as further set out below:

    1. Damages as a result of inattention or improper usage such as but not limited to: scratching, bouncing, falling etc.
    2. Failure to function and/or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification performed by a third party without prior written permission from Willow Stilè Co.
    3. Failure or damage caused by water (all contact with water should be avoided, the Product is not waterproof)
    4. Aesthetic changes occurring to the Product due to normal wear, tear and normal aging of the Product e.g. alteration of strap color, scratches, peeling etc.
    5. Our manufacturers warranty does not cover the battery, case, crystal, strap, or bracelet.

Contacting Willow Stilè Co

For more information about this Warranty or any other information concerning your Product, please contact our Support Team directly at:

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