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How do I care for my strap?

Leather – to lengthen the life of your leather strap we recommend to avoid any contact with water, moisture, oils and perfumes. Sunlight and extreme heats may also deteriorate leather, therefore we suggest avoiding over exposure to the sun and using a leather care balm.

Naturally wearing leather may have scratches and marks and get darker over time. This is a normal process and not a defect.

Nylon – using warm, soapy water gently clean the nylon material with a damp cloth and avoid contact with the leather underside of your strap.

Will all of the watch straps fit my watch?

Yes, we have designed all of the straps to fit any of the watches in our collection.


Can I change my strap myself?

All of our watch straps are interchangeable. Each strap has a spring pin mechanism that allows you to change them in a matter of seconds without any tools. Please refer to the picture below for details. 

How do I adjust my mesh strap?

How do I set the time and date on my watch?

How do I care for my watch?

Do not expose your watch to harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions and remove the watch before swimming or bathing. A chemical free polishing cloth may be used to clean the watch, however it will not take away any scratches. 

The watch should be stored away from sunlight and heat, in a protective jewellery box or tarnish resistant pouch. Do not store your watch in the bathroom.

Does my rose gold watch require special care?

These innovative colours do require special care, follow these recommendations to ensure they remain beautiful for as long as possible. Be mindful of what you are using on your skin - soap, perfume and other chemicals can quickly tarnish the rose gold plating. Do not wear your watch swimming, in the shower, while you are sleeping or exercising - water, sweating or rubbing on the skin can wear away at the finish. Certain medications may affect the life of the finish due to the wearers change in pH balance. Please note that the Willow gift boxes are not made for long term storage, therefore we recommend to store your watch correctly, away from sunlight, moisture and in a protective box or pouch. Avoid using polyvinyl plastic bags or rubber containers.

The colour may naturally intensify with age due to tarnishing, adding to the watches beautiful vintage appeal. Willow Stile Co' warranty does not cover this type of wear and tear.

Is my watch water resistant?

Our watches have a 30m 3atm water resistance. This means that they are suitable for everyday use and are splash resistant. They are not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming or snorkelling.


How do I make a warranty claim?

Willow Watches come with a twelve month manufacturer’s warranty. This does not include general wear and tear of the watch or damage to the glass. If you have a warranty claim, please email support@willowwatches.com with details and photos if possible. One of our customer service representatives will be in contact with you for more information.

Please note: We may repair or replace at our discretion.


How do I become a stockist?

If you would like to become a stockist, please email ciao@willowwatches.com with details of your business and a link to your store. We will review and contact you as soon as possible.


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