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January 06, 2017


There is no source of outfit inspiration quite like scrolling through fashion blogs, or bloggers Instagram accounts. We recently came across the blog Your Bae Ray and instantly fell in love! Truly a trendsetter, Rachael captures her style in each post with minimalist aesthetic and classic style inspiration.

The team at Willow Stilè Co were lucky enough to interview Rachael…. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Rachael but most people call me Ray and I run a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog called Your Bae Ray based in Adelaide and Singapore.

How would you describe your style?

I often tell people my style depends on my mood but I generally dress in a lot of black and white. I like to play around with layers but that only lasts during the colder seasons because I hate perspiring 

What is your favorite style tip?

Dress according to what YOU love. Trends are great but you don’t have to give into them if you don’t like it just because you see everyone dressing that way. 

What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned in fashion?

I don’t know if I have a specific lesson I've learnt in fashion but I'd say I've learnt a fair bit in terms of blogging. I've only really been doing it for almost a year but I've learnt that it’s so important to reach out to people and be open to others' ideas too. Do not be too competitive and know that like everything else in life, there will be bad days and haters but you just have to keep your head above the water because hard work pays off.

What pieces do you invest in and why?

This is kind of embarrassing but I invest in a lot of black Jeggings from Uniqlo. They are more like legging pants but they are just SO DAMN COMFORTABLE and go with everything.

How do you dress up your everyday look?

A statement necklace, watch and some rings are my daily go to items for my everyday look.


What do you think will be the next fashion hits for next season?

Vintage tee’s seem to be on the rise at the moment so maybe that. Pyjamas fashion is popular to so I'm thinking bralettes are going to be the next Choker. I look forward to the memes in 2017!

What is your go-to resource for style inspiration?

I usually like looking at bloggers like @kristywu, @jacquiealexander or @iamkareno as I'd say my “general” style is a combination of these three into one. I also enjoy people watching and getting inspiration from what others are wearing.


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