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Jolene Guillum-Scott Talks Makeup and Willow Watches

October 16, 2016

Jolene Guillum-Scott Talks Makeup and Willow Watches

At Willow Stile Co, we seek to celebrate inspirational women.

Jolene Guillum-Scott is a brilliant makeup artist based out of New Zealand. If you hadn’t had the chance to discover her talented work yet, you can check out her Instagram page here.   

This week we had the opportunity to chat with Jolene and discover how she got started in the beauty industry.

WILLOW STILE: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: I grew up on a farm, in a small town with my grandparents in New Zealand. When I was 14 I moved to Palmerston North to be with my mother and have been here now for 7 years! Wow, I really need to move (laughs). I just turned 21 on the 9th of July, which was very exciting!

WILLOW STILE: When did your love for makeup start?

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: My love for makeup started in my first year of high school! Growing up in a small country town I never really saw girls wearing makeup, and there weren’t any stores around for makeup either. Slowly but surely it became a love of mine. My first mascara, and this terrible blue eye shadow I found in my Nana’s room, were my escape from the cruel world outside. They made me feel beautiful, and gave me a confidence I never believed I could have.

WILLOW STILE: When did you start recording videos for YouTube?

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: As I got older I blossomed from a chubby tomboy, I dyed my hair blonde and did my makeup every day for school. Eventually I started getting asked a lot by other girls how I did my makeup and my hair, what products I used, and where they were from.

Soon enough I was making videos for my Facebook page to answer those questions for my friends. When I discovered the world of YouTube and Instagram I instantly fell in love! I love that Its so easy to share my passion of makeup with the world. 

About two years ago I really started to get into makeup even more. I was buying more products and constantly teaching myself new things. I started to improve my techniques and kept getting better. Now I am a makeup artist and share a studio in Palmerston North with another makeup artist. It's the best feeling in the world, giving girls the same feeling I got when I only had my mascara and blue eyeshadow.

WILLOW STILE: What do you have planned for the future?

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: Eventually I would like to be a self-employed, well-known makeup artist. I would also like to have my own product line (I can't give away any details as it’s a surprise!).

WILLOW STILE: What is your favourite makeup tip?

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: My favourite makeup tip would have to be: there are no rules! There are obviously things that will work and some that won’t. However, if you want to do something different, DO IT! Makeup is about self-expression and enhancing your natural beauty, so just go for it. Try new things! At the end of the day, it is just makeup, it can come off.

WILLOW STILE: You recently ordered a Willow Watch, what do you love most about it?

JOLENE GUILLUM-SCOTT: I love that the straps are so easy to change yourself! You can do it at home in seconds and don't have to pay a jeweller to do it for you. They are also amazing quality and such a great price!


Check out our video review by Jolene featuring the Siena Rose Gold Mesh watch & the Allure Rose Gold bracelet - FREE with every purchase.

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📷Instagram: joleneguillumscott
👩🏼Facebook: Joleneguillumscott

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