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5 Beautiful Islands You Need to Visit on Holiday

December 05, 2016

5 Beautiful Islands You Need to Visit on Holiday

Are you ready for an escape? 

Exotic islands are the perfect destination for a getaway. We've rounded up the 5 most beautiful islands for your next holiday trip.

We're already packing our bags!


1. Similan

Image via Dia N.


Located a mere 84km northwest of Phuket, Thailand are the Similan Islands. These gorgeous white coral sand beaches are known for their crystal clear blue waters and massive boulder formations. 

The incredible views of coral reefs provided by the clear waters make these islands a favorite destination for snorkeling and diving activities. More than 200 species of coral exist in the surrounding sea!

For those of you who are seeking a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle – people love the Similans for their often deserted beaches.  


2. Boracay


Image via Chona Peñano


Is tranquility and relaxation at the top of your list for vacation priorities? Look no further than Boracay.

This small island is located in the Philippines and was voted the number one destination for relaxation, according to hotel booking site Agoda.com. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous sunset.  

If excitement is a must-have for you to visit any destination, you can still find it in Boracay. Popular tourist activities include cliff diving, island hopping, and boat tours.

However, you’ll want to leave the surfboard behind. Even the waters are calm here. Anyone up for a stand up paddling adventure instead?


3. Malta

Image via Berit Watkin


Malta island boasts the best climate in the world, according to International Living. This destination is south of Italy, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

You won’t find a ton of sandy beaches here. The coastlines are much more rugged and rocky, but the water is paradise for swimming.

The island is full of excitement, with major nightlife and clubbing scenes. Malta is also known for their village feasts and street festivals that include fantastic firework shows.  During the day, you can enjoy dining in picnic spots that overlook beautiful views of the Mediterranean!


4. Capri


Image via Pikakoko


Not far from Malta is an island in Italy, known as Capri.

You may know of Capri for the famous Blue Grotto. Travelers here won’t want to miss out on a boat tour of this sea cave, where the water glows electric blue.

Aside from boat tours, Capri island includes picturesque views, mild weather, and good shopping. If you vacation here, you can take day trips from the islands to explore nearby destinations, like a visit to the historical Pompeii.  


5. Seychelles

Image via Didier Baertschiger


The Seychelles islands are considered a tropical paradise. This group of islands is off the coast of East Africa, in the Indian ocean.

Whether you're looking for secluded relaxation or exciting adventure, you'll be at home in the Seychelles.

These islands provide the best of nature. Get ready to explore jungles, national parks, mountain trails, stunning beaches, and delicious Creole food. 

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