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Why Every Man Needs the Right Watch

May 17, 2016

Why Every Man Needs the Right Watch

Having the right watch collection is one of the most important wardrobe choices a man can make.

Bold statement, eh? Here’s why we believe this:

Men generally keep accessories pretty simple, especially jewelry. You guys won’t often pile on multiple layers of jewelry besides a watch, therefore the right timepiece is a great way to express your personal style.

Consider the statement you want to make when you choose a timepiece to complete your outfit. An elegant watch can boost your confidence by instantly elevating your look to sophisticated and refined – so you’ll want to have choices!

We recommend owning multiple watches for your different lifestyle needs, with options for casual, dressy, and sport occasions. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or on the hunt for a luxe gift your favourite guy, here’s our picks of watch styles for any event.

Keep Time With an Everyday Watch


Treviso Watch with Brown Leather Strap

Image by @snapsphotographyau

You can’t go wrong with an everyday watch, like the Treviso (shown here in the Brown Leather Strap). A classic silver style is well-suited for casual weekend wear. The brown strap goes great with off-duty denim and a pair of leather boots.

Gain the Trust of Your Colleagues

 Napoli Gold Watch

In need of a professional-looking watch that you can slip on before heading to the office? Be prepared to handle business in our Napoli Gold watch. An excellent choice for those moments when you need something a bit on the conservative side.

The Instant Way to Dress Up

 Milano Gold and Black Leather Strap

Image by @tommeezjerry

André looks sharp in our Milano Gold & Black Leather Strap timepiece! The pop of gold stands out against the navy jacket, and a black leather strap always works best for occasions that call for more formal gear.   

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

 Siena Rose Gold and Rose Gold Mesh Strap

Image by @shootwithx

Men love our Siena Rose Gold watch too! Proof that our timepieces and bracelets were truly created to be unisex. Express your individuality by wearing rose gold metal – we’re obsessed with this bracelet pairing.

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