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Why We Can't Get Enough Of Riverdale!

March 25, 2018

Why We Can't Get Enough Of Riverdale!

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If I enjoy something, no matter how bad or embarrassing it is, I’m not guilty about. 

I started watching Riverdale a couple of weeks ago and I’m completely obsessed! There’s just something about this teen drama that I cant look away from. Complicated relationships, eye candy, exaggerated high school drama, suspense and KILLER FASHION. 

When it comes to Riverdale you won’t watch one episode without getting just a little bit of fashion inspiration. Here are some of our favourites!


1. Cheryl Blossom: Riverdales Queen of accessorising and fierce style!


2. New York with a little Upper East Side. Veronica Lodge knows how to stand out in the Riverdale crowd. 


3. Badboy fashion. Judhead Jones rocks a leather jacket!


4. Everything Betty Cooper. Bettys style is simple and chic - collared shirts, cardigans and pastel tones. 


5. Channelling the '50s with a modern twist! 


Now free your weekend and get ready to binge watch! 

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