Beauty Bloggers You Need To Be Following On Insta

May 30, 2018

Beauty Bloggers You Need To Be Following On Insta

Who doesn’t love a bit of beauty inspiration? Whether you’re looking for a totally wearable everyday look for the office, a date night show-stopper or a night-time look to last until the early hours of the morning, we’ve got you covered! Get your Insta open, and get ready to follow these guys and gals who create a variety of stunning make-up looks.


If you’re not already on this bandwagon, get on it quick. Shannon is a NZ gal who’s worked on her YouTube channel for years and is absolutely killin’ the tutorial game. Her Insta bio links back to her latest video, and it’s well worth a little watching time. Showcasing drugstore vs high-end, get-ready-with-me’s and first impression’s, her laid back attitude and honest opinions make most of her looks pretty achievable.



Ok so technically she’s not just a beauty blogger, but my goodness Simone is someone to follow. Simone is a trained beauty artist, fashionista and is about to release her first book. She’s insanely motivational, after a crazy amount of weight-loss that she’s documented through her social channels for her entire journey. Her outfits are always on point, her make-up gorgeous and her realness inspiring. Make sure you check out her stories, that’s where the magic really happens.



This woman is talent! If you are looking for artistic inspiration, Vanessa Davis aka THE SKULLTRESS™ has an amazing feed that will literally take your breath away. She’s a designer and make-up artist who specialises in skulls and her designs are goddamn amazing, a mix of beautifully aesthetic floral creations with a dark twist. Her videos show the creative process from beginning to end, in which she uses a number of techniques to achieve her astonishing looks. She also tags her products, so for anyone wanting to dive into body-art, she’s got you covered.



James introduces himself as “just a kid with a few blending brushes” but he is quite obviously so much more. In one year, James went from being an unknown, aspiring makeup artist to creating a monumental Insta and YouTube following with his hilarious, relatable and jaw-droppingly beautiful content. In 2016 James was CoverGirl’s first ever male spokesperson, and while he has made a few controversial comments in his time (just a wee bit of drama!) his talent speaks for himself. James has been out there breaking gender-norms since his extra af high-school graduation photo and we are totally here for it. Slay.



Jermayne is here for the laughs, and we aren’t complaining. @blackcatdarkrooms is a hilarious Insta account with a mix of makeup reactions alongside other material, but his makeup content is always on point. His videos are perfection, and if you’re in the mood for a giggle and some straight-up truth, this is the account to follow. Scroll through and have a watch of every single highlighter vid (there’s a few!), you won’t be disappointed.

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