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Australias New Bachelor. Who Is Nick Cummins?

March 21, 2018

Australias New Bachelor. Who Is Nick Cummins?

After days of speculation and every Australian woman on the edge of her seat, the new Bachelor has finally been announced! But who is "The Honey Badger"?


Nick Cummins, 30, is a professional Australian Rugby Union Footballer. Born in New South Wales and raised in Queensland.  


You may recognise his blonde curls and moustache from various advertisements, the most memorable when he modelled for TRADIE underwear.



Nick is renowned for his hilarious Aussie accent, one-liners and offbeat sayings. We assume Channel Ten are prepared with subtitles!



He's easy on the eyes! No doubt he will spend the majority of every episode shirtless, just like every bachelor before him and we can't wait!


The man loves an adventure! He's even written his own book - "The Adventures of the Honey Badger".



He loves animals. Need we say more...


"I'm really looking forward to throwing everything at this opportunity to finding the one. The past 10 or so years has been on the road playing rugby or working on my projects, so I’m very excited to be part of a show that is centred around love and good times.” Nick Cummins.


We can only wish Nick the best of luck. Perhaps he’ll find true love and happiness… 

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