5 Mum’s Who Nailed the Mum-Joke this Mother’s Day

May 09, 2018

5 Mum’s Who Nailed the Mum-Joke this Mother’s Day

5 Mum’s Who Nailed the Mum-Joke this Mother’s Day

Bless their mothering hearts

Mums - we wouldn’t be alive without them. As little babies they wiped our noses and changed our nappies. As teenagers they taught us about tampons, had awkward conversations with us about going on the pill and told us that the boy who broke our heart doesn’t matter. As adults, they booked our doctor’s appointments for us, taught us family recipes and snuck us money when Dad wasn’t looking. There’s no denying Mums are wonderful and we love them to pieces.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’re prone to lavishing our Mums with attention. Article after article points us towards ‘Gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day.’ Granted, they need a bit of spoiling and we’re totally here for that. Come Sunday the 13th , they’ll be up to their eyeballs in flowers, chocolates and treats.

However, this Mother’s Day let’s highlight something a little less talked about: Mum Jokes (slightly lesser known than Dad Jokes but just as corny, cringe-worthy and embarrassing). Given our Mums overall inclination towards being so lovely, we tend to forgive the Mum Jokes a little easier. If there’s one thing all those late-nights taught our Mums, it’s patience. So they persist, knowing that one day, their Mum Joke will get the laugh it dubiously deserves.

It’s time, therefore, to shine a light on the extra special things our Mums do - the Mum-Jokes that went unappreciated (or possibly right over their child’s head).

The following Mums did their jokes right. More subtle than Dad-Jokes, they went perhaps without a laugh or a hearty chuckle at the time. But if Mother’s Day teaches us anything, it’s to appreciate the Mum in our life and give them the laugh they deserve. We owe them that much at least.

1. We kick things off with this Mum, who apparently spent weeks praying to Jared Leto instead of Jesus. Our suspicion is that it was a fairly decent troll on her behalf.

2. This Mum, who got the last laugh on the child who asked for too many snacks during the grocery shop:

To be perfectly fair, this multi-tasking Mum probably just wanted a moment of peace on the way to the car.

3. This vertically challenged Mum, who sends these really great (?) photos to her family. Peak Mum humour at its finest:

“My short Mom sends her family photos of her with really tall people.”

4. This loving, caring Mum, who is probably getting her son back for all the early Saturday mornings rugby games.

“My Mom always finds a way to surprise me on my birthday”

5. And last, but most definitely not least, this Mum. Note the scrapbook worthy coffin structure and soft cotton lining.

“My Mom’s pet mantis died so she gave it a proper burial.” You just know she’s going to be chuckling about this for weeks to come.


To all the Mums out there, in all your weirdness, Happy Mother’s Day. Keep the Mum-Jokes coming. We promise we’ll send a laugh your way and if not, an awkward smile at least. Bless your heart.

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