10 Places You Could Meet Mr Right!

March 21, 2018

10 Places You Could Meet Mr Right!

Are you wondering where all the nice guys are? Not every love story starts with "we both swiped right". Once upon a time, before the wonders of the internet, people had to leave the house and meet in real life. Here are a few not so obvious places to meet Mr Right!


1. At a hardware store.

If theres one thing "The Block" has taught us, its this: The hardware store is full of cute home-owning guys who do their own renovations. Ask the cute guy in aisle five if he knows which shelves you should install in your closet or what hooks you need to hang that mirror!

2. At the dog park. 

Can your dog help you find Mr Right? Absolutely! "Dogs can read a person's energy. They know when energy is compatible and when it's not" Caesar Milan. A busy dog park is the easiest way to strike up a conversation, even more so if you've got a social dog! Here are some simple dog park starters: What breed is your dog? How old is he/she? If you're feeling really comfortable -  Set up a doggie playdate!

(Photo Source: Dr Evan Antin)

3. While volunteering.

Forget internet dating and crowded bars - caring, considerate and selfless guys are volunteering. Charities have been overwhelmed by the number of people willing to get their hands dirty in the hopes of finding love! 

4. At a sporting event or a sports bar.

Sporting events are packed with cute guys. You can either cheer for the same team or flirtatiously joke about cheering for the opposing team! Head to your next football or cricket game, grab a drink and have some fun.

5. Try live music instead of a nightclub.

The best part about meeting someone at a live event is that its clear you already have the same taste in music. As a bonus, you'll feel more like yourself since its a relaxed environment and theres no pressure. No matter what happens you're going to have a great time! 


No matter where you go to meet guys, the first place to start is with you. Open yourself up, practice smiling, make eye contact, put your phone away, be approachable (yep, that means no more resting bitch face) and most importantly, love yourself!


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